The human race is inundated with information.

Much of it is misleading and, can cause Life-harming issues.

The vast majority of which are behavioural.

Humanity is thereby beset with relentless harm.

Many examples are unsustainable.

The majority are lacking adequate solutions.

Unrecognized by most people, absolute solutions do exist.

They cover the spectrum of Wellbeing-issues and Sustainability-imperatives.

How is this possible?

They are derived from the precepts of all sound understanding.

Selected examples thereby serve as ‘Keys’ to solving issues.

Employed wisely, this ‘Core’ material provides priceless insights.

For individuals and organizations, the resultant assistance is invaluable.

Especially, it is able to help to avoid child harm.

It will also help the disadvantaged to resolve costly issues.

Intended supporting information will aid effectiveness.

Derek has worked with the precepts over an extended period.

His Legacy initiative will help to introduce benefits for everyone.

If you wish to help, and/or be helped: Please Make Contact


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